5.12 MHz crystals/food for thought


From: bachmann@ari.net
Date: Wed Oct 30 1996 - 23:38:55 EST

Good Evening,
        What happens in general when you series or parallel crystals? If
the crystals are the same frequency, does the frequency stay the same
because the inductance halves and the capacitance doubles (or vice versa)?
Could you pull it off frequency further? How far can you generally pull
crystals off frequency? What limits it? What about a 5.0688 and a 5.185 in
parallel or series? Am I way off base with this line of reasoning?

        Digikey has Epson 10.24 MHz crystals, Digikey part number
SE3421-ND. The problem with this is that the MC14060 doesn't have a tap to
get the 5 KHz when you use the 10.240, Besides adding a gate to divide by
two, is there any simple way to halve the frequency with a cap?

        And, while I'm carried away asking questions, what is the meaning
of life?
tnx, 73, Rich Bachmann, N3SLR

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