From: James M Fitton +1 508 960 2577 (mvjf@mvubr.mv.lucent.com)
Date: Sun Oct 20 1996 - 21:19:00 EDT

>From W1FMR

Tremendous activity this contest. Had a ball with the GM-20 not yet
encased but laying all over the bench with clipleads.

Hard to get stations were all there.... Wyo, NV, SD, OR.

Had a ball with the PIXIE on 80m.

My congratulations to W2QYA, KB1FK, W6TOY, WA1GWH, K3TKS, K2LGQ

These super operators were able to figure out how to work a PIXIE by
tuning up the band and using the RIT to listen on my frequency.

I dont know how they figured it out, but many thanks to them for hearing
my 200 milliwatt crystal controlled transceiver !!!!!

Even had a QSO with K3TKS after the test, with the PIXIE.

Running off a 9 volt transistor battery on 80 meters, this rig fits
on a 1X2 inch board and is a transceiver !

When a station returns to your CQ, they are in the Zero beat of the
receiver and cannot be copied. You know someone is there, but cannot
copy them. I asked each of them to tune up the band a little and call
me because I was using a PIXIE. To all who I could not copy, I apologize.

But to those clever chaps that answered my CQ and figured it out....

  72/73 Jim Fitton, W1FMR NE-QRP <>< NH
  E-MAIL changed to jfitton@.mv.lucent.com

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