From: Cecil A Moore (
Date: Sun Oct 20 1996 - 01:57:00 EDT

>Not at all bad for less than an hour on the air and if I had been
>serious, the rates could have held up. Jess N0TFI

Hi Jess, has anybody tried shorting out the coil on 20m? Since a
quarter-wavelength is 16.5ft on 20m, the coil is a liability on
20m and above. IMO the coil should be bare solid #18 wire wound
for resonance on 40m with a tap for 30m. No coil is needed for
20m-10m. Above the self-resonant frequency, a coil becomes more
and more lossy. Since the antenna becomes inductive (too long)
rather than capacitive (too short) on 20m and above, the coil
just causes unnecessary losses (which does tend to lower the
SWR). A wealth of knowledge concerning mobile antennas is
applicable to this antenna which seems to be like a base-loaded
20ft whip with radials instead of a vehicle body.

73, Cecil, W6RCA, OOTC (not speaking for my employer)

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