Re: Chuck's Big Surprise


Date: Sun Oct 20 1996 - 01:34:25 EDT

Chuck had two very nice plaques made, one for Jim Cates and the other for
Doug Hendricks. They are very impressive. A special presentation was made
to honor these two founders of NorCal. Everyone in NorCal (and many others
who are not members) know how much we are indebted to these two gentlemen for
all their efforts. Also, our thanks to Chuck for putting this surprise
presentation together.

By the way all, Pacificon is a blast! Those of you who couldn't make it have
really missed a good one. There is a lot of talk, and I mean serious talk,
that this just may have exceeded FDIM at Dayton is overall quality and
enjoyment. I wasn't at Dayton, but I am sure having a great time here! When
I check out I just may try and make reservations for next year.

Pretty good vendor representation here, but I wish we had some more of the
QRP vendors. Wilderness is here, and they are attracting a lot of attention.
 Wayne and QRP Bob have the noise blanker (the "BuzzNot") here which fits in
all the Wilderness rigs. $19 and looks like a breeze to add it to your rig.

Gotta go see the 49er contest!

72 de David W7AQK

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