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From: chuck adams (
Date: Sun Sep 22 1996 - 22:58:18 EDT


Well after my worst flight ever on American Airlines (coming back from MD)
it was nice to get some rest and wake up to a clear beautiful day for
the NE big event. AA put me in the smallest seat on an MD-80 one row
in front of the emergency exit and the lady in the seat in front of
me bruised both my knees on takeoff when she suddenly moved her seat back
to the reclining position. The paperwork begins. My knees still hurt.

I packed up the TenTec Argosy II-D (it sits in the closet the rest of
the year), the paddle, a MFJ Grandmaster keyer, assorted cables,
the cooler, the lawn chairs, and other misc items including log books
and pens, and loaded them into the car and off to North Dallas area
to the field. No lighthouse, but hey it's an event to have fun.

I get there and Wayne, W5WO, and Smitty, NA5K, are already at the site
just after 9a.m. Smitty has the Gates 25AHr battery pack and as it turns
out the R/S molex fits the one I have on the power switch/circuit breaker
combo. We are starting out pretty good already.

We combine 120' of #18 stranded wire for a long wire in the trees at
the park. This combo only up 15' or so, but hey these are simulated
emergency conditions with no poles, stakes, or fancy setup equipment.
Using the TenTec and MFJ-941C (I actually took this thing off the
long wire at home) and misc stuff at 1455Z got on 20M and called
CQ. First shot outta the starting gate got a N7 in Pittsburgh PA.
I have witnesses. Power output at 2W. We're ready to rock and roll.

Smitty has to leave to go work. Now there is dedication to come out
and work to set up a FD site and then leave for the office. As he
said it is the fun part.

Bob Kmak, KC5RAS, brought his CMOS III and I programmed it for the
CQ. We sent the exchange by hand. Good practice for the group.

Ops were KC5RAS, K5FO, and N5OSG.

Haven't figured the point total yet but we got 33 Q's and 18 states in
5 Hours of operation.

Lot's of guys saying Hi Chuck when I wasn't at the key. :-) I was
chilled out for this one and just relaxed. It was just fun to gab
and enjoy the nice weather. Phyllis came up and took me to lunch.

1. No wind. Paul, NA5N, in passing said the same thing in NM. :-)
2. Clear Sky.
3. We did have the keyer twice double stroke the #1 button, so Doug may
    have gotten us when it was not behaving correctly. This resulted
    in consecutive CQs being sent without a pause. My apologies to
    all that were affected. Didn't happen for very long.
4. We did hear the string of dits on 20M. Not QRP. Someone must have
    had a book or something push against the paddle while they went off
    to mow the yard. Not the first time and not the last time that has
5. Digital Droid with QRO parked on 14.058MHz and 060. I moved below the
    county hunter net but no one was tuning that low. Let's agree to
    move to 14.040 to 14.050 next test. We all have VFOs that we can use.
    **Let's not get into a thread on this topic.** I know that it is giving
    ground and all that, but it may have to be considered if the ARRL
    doesn't get us a band plan that all are paying attention to.
6. 16 Qs on 20M and 17 Qs on 40M. In fact, 40M was doing pretty
    good for daytime IMHO.
7. Worked 3 1W or milliwatt stations. Now they're hooked. Good job guys.
8. QSB was pretty bad on 20M after noon local time.
9. QSLs to all.
10. Bringing the headphones next time to cut down on QRM from eyeball QSOs.

Looking forward to the UFO event for the NorCal event in April. See ya
on for the ARCI contest next month and in CA for Pacificon. Got the tickets
on Delta to Oakland. :-)

dit dit de NE#222
Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60) 49/49/50
EMPS QSOs=0 STATES(w/c)=0/0 DX=0

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