Re: "QRP AField" from "Towah, New Mexico".


From: Brian Mileshosky (
Date: Sun Sep 22 1996 - 13:19:55 EDT

> BTW, Brian is the New Youth Column Writer for "Worldradio", so watch for
his first column, Jan., '97.

Hello Everybody,
  A small first article comes out in the November issue of
Worldradio, so pick up a copy and let me know if you like it! ;)
(Also...I'm always looking for subjects to write on that will interested
youth Hams. If you have some, pass them along!)
  Well, this past weekend was great! I was a little miserable because of
being sick for over a week now. I'm looking foward to getting better! The
contest was great. I worked around 12 or 13 stations with a stuffy nose,
headache and that stupid "itch" you get in the back of your throat that
makes you do nothing but cough. However, I had a GREAT timethis weekend.
  Many thanks to Jay (WA5WHN), Gary (K8BI) Paul (NA5N), Tim (AB5OU), Wynn
(KC5DT) and Jay, his YL for making the weekend a fun one! And thanks to the
New England QRP Club as well as Chet (AA1EX), and of course everybody who
participated to make this contest a success. Looking foward to the next one!

                                72, Brian, N5ZGT (Sickly....)

   Boy Scouts of America Amateur Radio - N5ZGT
    Eagle Scout - 1996 ARRL QRP: NorCal# 1700 QRP-L# 580
     JASM - Troop 41 Author of Worldradio's "Youth Forum" Column
    Albuquerque, N.M. Packet: N5ZGT @ KC5IZT.ALBQ.NM.USA.NA
  O.A. Lodge 66 <-W-W-W-<< Internet:

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