Re: Moderation Vote Resu


From: Dan Keen (70731.722@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 23:53:28 EDT

> BFD, what is so great about paying extra for something we already have for
> free????
> Dave Dabay KD3PC QRP-L #365 Technology Specialist, Radford City Schools

Sir, you are here betting against Bill Gates. Normandy" has been a biggee
with MS, albeit not as considerable as "Chicago" or "Cairo".

And betting against the innate laziness of the _common pipple_. The general
public for some reason likes bells and whistles. I am serious when I say that
the average computer user just doesn't have your good common sense. They will
love the Normandy (AOL/Compuserve styled) Internet just like they loved
Windows instead of the more sensible MS DOS.

Compuserve was just barely getting started converting all their computers
over to NT servers, changing their whole system from ascii to hmi. But when
shown Normandy they immediately pulled over 80% of the workforce which had
been on the conversion to hmi project and reassigned them to the task of
integrating CIS into Normandy. CIS plans to abandon their old walled off
areas. Management is guessing about 2 years before it no longer exists. CIS
will be totally net.

If all goes as Bill Gates plans, then CIS, AOL, G, Delph, (buyers) will be
rolling out wheel barrels of money for to induce interesting looking groups
now on the Internet (sellers) to convert. Part of that conversion will be
moderation. The way it is now, CIS has one Wizop per each of their 1000 or so
forums and each makes a few grand a year. Sysops get free online time.

Lots of QRP groups might now be unmoderated, but long green is soon going to
come begging for them to reconsider (at least in Gates' dreams).


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