Re: Call for moderation


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Tue Sep 17 1996 - 07:40:21 EDT

I just downloaded Daily Digest #485, which was a whopping 175K long. It
turns out that about 91K of that was an attached file. Fortunately this
is a rare occurance; usually when this happens, the person involved is
told (by many, many people) that it is not appreciated on the list due to
the tremendous bandwidth occupied. File attachments can be handled via
ftp thru without occupying space on qrp-l. I trust moderation
of the list would eliminate this. BTW, there has already been moderation
of sorts. Several months ago I noticed a significant chunk of message
numbers missing from the daily digest and asked Jim E about it. Turns out
that the messages did appear on qrp-l but he purged them from the daily
digest before it went out. It was about 8 or 10 back and forth messages
between a couple of people, and was a knock down, nasty, vituperative
flame war with no redeeming value whatsoever. 73 and Queue Our Pea DE

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