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From: Doug Hendricks (ki6ds@telis.org)
Date: Mon Sep 16 1996 - 22:22:15 EDT

attached mail follows:

Paul Harden, NA5N will be speaking at a QRP Forum during Pacificon 96. He
is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and his subject is, "Those QRP Kit
Rigs, How They Work". This is a repeat of the highly successful talk that
Paul gave at the NorCal/CQC sponsored open house at Dayton on the Thursday
night before the Dayton Hamfest. Paul will discuss the NorCal 40, Hands GQ
40, OHR Explorer, SWL Green Mountain, NW8040, and one or two others if he
has time. He explains how the rigs work, but does not compare them or rank
them in any order. It is a very informative talk and one that you will enjoy.

Paul lives in Socorro, NM, where he works as a Receiver Alignment Technician
for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. His hobbies include
astronomy, ham radio, printing, camping, hiking and designing regenerative
receivers. He has had articles published in several of the QRP journals,
and is the author of the QRP Homebrewers Handbook. Paul's book is one of
the most useful references that I have ever used in QRP construction and
design. The information comes from many sources and Paul has done the QRP
builder a tremendous favor by putting them in one reference volume.

Pacificon will be held Oct. 18, 19, and 20 at the Concord Hilton Hotel in
Concord, CA. Registration for the 3 day event is $3 in advance, $4 at the
door, and it is sponsored by the Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club. The QRP
Forum is being held in conjunction with Pacificon, and there is NO
additional charge to attend other than the admission to Pacificon.

Saturday Night, NorCal will sponsor a QRP Hospitality room. We would like
all QRPers in the area to attend and bring at least one QRP item for show
and tell. We will have table space available for QRP Vendors. If you would
like a table, please contact Doug Hendricks. There is no charge for Table
Space. If you want to sell QRP related things, bring them to the
hospitality room. QRP items only. It will begin at 7:00 PM and will
feature all of the speakers who will be there for you to have those 1 on 1
sessions and get those QRP questions answered from the experts. Also, we
will have a West Coast edition of the 49er Building Contest featuring Chuck
Adams, K5FO and his judgeing team. There are 2 rules; one it must work, and
two, rigs entered at Dayton are not eligible, but a Dayton entrant can build
another 49er and enter it at the West Coast Contest.

It should be a fun time. Hope to see you there. 72, Doug, KI6DS

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