Cascade goings on


From: David Adams (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 20:20:39 EDT

Greetings! Well, I got home from Foothill (interesting experience in that
I have never "had a table" before. Didn't sell the 520, but Doug and
Jim were set up at the next table over and that kept it interesting), and
couldn't nap so I through my wife and child out of the house (okay they
went to one of my daughter's friend's birthday party) and pulled out the
Cascade. I needed fumes in my life!

I finished section 4 (after having soldered in a socket for U8 and then
realizing it was not an appropriate socket (pins didn't fit)). Pulled out
the p.s. and turned it on...touched the wiper of r27 hum...I'm
supposed to hear a hum....panic....look closely at the board....realize I
haven't defluxed the sucker...scrape the flux off of part of the pad...
touch the wiper pin....WE'VE GOT HUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah...I feel much better....

73 de dave, n9uxu

PS - Had a great time at the Jim Cates Pizza fest last have GOT
to see Doug's new antenna!

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