Beam Restoration


From: chuck adams (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 10:06:41 EDT


I'm taking suggestions before I do this, 'cuz (that's a
notation for the TX way of saying it and an abbreviation
for because :-) ;-) ) I know that education is expensive
no matter how you get it.

I have and have had in my possession one Telex hy-gain
Model TH2MK3, 2-element, 10/15/20 meter, trap beam for some


Forward gain ........ 5.5 dB
Front-to-back ........15-20 dB
Maximum power input .. 1kw AM (not a worry at this station)
VSWR (at resonance) .. 1.2:1

Boom Length ........... 1.8m
Boom Diameter.......... 5.08cm
Longest Element ...... 8.32m
Maximum Wind ......... 128kmph (80mph) That is a worry. :-)

Gain is not given a reference so I'll assume Isotropic.

Here is where I need suggestions. I am going to completely,
and I mean completely disassemble and clean as much as possible.
This beam has literally been around the world on a cargo ship
and used by AA5DX on many an island and from many DX locations.

So, will using a plastic scrub brush and scowering pad with
Aluminum pot household cleaner be sufficient? I don't want to
harm the environment or my delicate hands used for electronic
assembly work. I do plan to keep chemicals out of the traps.
Just blow them out to remove any critters that have taken up
and made a home in them.

I was going to do this last week before I got hauled off to MD
for a critical situation and use this beam with the NORTEX group
for QTTF next weekend, but alas it is not to be, but I have a few
daylight hours in which to get this done if it is possible.
Otherwise we will go with the ususal dipoles and long wires. This
was to be our 'big hammer' to swat the big guys on the East Coast.

Also, at 20' I'd guess this is a better solution, although not
the ideal operating position for such a beam, than say a dipole
or some long wires. Those more experienced in this area might
wanna let me know what your experiences are in say a field-day
operating environment.

dit dit es tnx

Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60) 49/49/50

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