Re: Larry East's 49er Article in QQ


From: Clay N4AOX (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 09:55:20 EDT

Doug Hendricks wrote:

> Hey, guys, that was an outstanding technical article, it took Larry and
> others many, many hours to produce, and NO ONE SAYS THANKYOU!!!

> Now that we all have email, and Larry is on this list, take a minute to show
> your appreciation when one of our members does something that you enjoy.

Sorry we don't measure up Doug. You know it might be that some of us
don't have a 49'er, some don't have any interest in a 49'er, and maybe
even a few are just sick of hearing about 49'er's. It could also be the
case that many here don't subscribe to QQ. Also, I guess short attention
span is a phenomena of the '90's. I think Larry is adult enough to
understand that. I have thanked him personally about other things and am
sure many others have also. I am thinking of the QRP Plus performance and mod.
track. The things I like about W1HUE/7 is he stays strictly on the QRP
subject line. He limits his posts to just the essentials, writes clearly and
plainly, and usually only posts when he has something worthwhile to contribute,
an example we could all hope to see more of as of late.

Clay N4AOX

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