Re: G5RV vs 40M dipole


From: Vic Simpson (
Date: Sat Aug 31 1996 - 16:25:13 EDT

In message <Pine.SOL.3.94.960831072859.16329C->, "L. B. Cebik" <>
>However, given a choice of making my wire twice as long or twice as high,
>I'll take twice as high every time.
Agreed. Oh yesss....

The tuned doublet works fb as a general purpose -not to say classic-
antenna with some combinations of top and feeder being regarded as
optimum in the literature for matching purposes. I guess someone can
supply the magic numbers.

The G5RV, however, was designed to give optimum results on 20m in terms
of matching and modest gain. There are no guarantees of similar optimal
results wrt matching or gain with the tuned doublet.

The design criteria for the td is along the lines of "get as much wire
in the air as high as you can and feed with open wire feeders". That
certainly agrees with your advice.

Has anyone had any luck constructing a ZS6BKW antenna? The main
difficulty seems to be constructing an open wire feed of 400 ohms. This
seems easy to do with single conductor uninsulated wire; I prefer
insulated multistranded wire for greater flexibility. There lies my
problem. Anyone developed a quick n' easy method?
73 de G0BVZ, Vic
RSGB G-QRP AGCW ARCI(When I remember to renew!) SCAG DIG

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