St. Louis Tuner


Date: Wed Aug 28 1996 - 19:05:29 EDT

Well, now that I've finished my tuner kit (and it works with some help from
Bob, WA7FCU) I'd like to offer the following advice to those last remaing few
who have not put their kits together:

1) It's not all that hard, don't be afraid -- even I got it working.
2) Put the feet on the bottom before you scratch it up as you slide it across
your workbench covered with wires, parts, etc.
3) Consider attaching the balun wire over to the far end of the toggle switch
on the back panel, and the non-balun output line across to the far side of the
switch so the switch lever points to what is active.
4) Consider doing the same with the front high/low cap switch and mounting the
switch so the lever moves vertically. Perhaps "up" for both caps inline.
5) Break that blasted tab off of the 12 position switch so when you tighten
it, it doesn't spread and ground the caps to the from panel.
6) Put a solder lug on the output so239 before you tighten it and solder the
wire over it (in addition to the lug necessary on the bottom center 5 way post,
as others have mentioned).
7) After you put the meters into the front panel, wrap the bubble-wrap that
the meters came in around the front panel, and tape, to cover the meters so you
won't scratch them as you complete the kit.

Thank you Norcal/St. Louis QRP for a fun project,
Scott NM1J.

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