RE: autek rf-1 batts


Date: Tue Aug 27 1996 - 15:57:54 EDT

John, you wrote:

>Everyone, my Autek rf-1 analyzer seems to go through
>9 v. batteries REALLY QUICKLY. Is this a common condition?
>I'm pretty sure that the unit is shut off when I leave
> there something going on here that I'm not aware
>72, john, kc2du

I guess I'm lucky I generally *don't* have your problem. At first I did,
until I realized that when I stored mine, I didn't protect it well enough. I
just put it in a bag 'o stuff and the other stuff pressed against the power
switch, turning it on!

Recently I've taken to merely keeping it in the original shipping box. Tha
keeps it from being inadvertently turned on.

I've had thoughts, too of hacking out a protective "clam-shell" made of foam
rubber. One piece would be cut out to fit over the bottom and the other to
fit over the top, with an area cut out to clear the power switch to prevent
accidental power-ons.

I recall some mention on this list within the last year about other folks
experiencing some very poor battery life. Either the battery holder was
defective or there was some metalwork inside the case that accidentally
shorted out.

If no one else responds to your query, you might do a search of the qrp-l
archives on the keywork "Autek" to check it out. Or, if the unit is in
warranty, give Autek a call.

Goos luck and 72/73,

Joe E., N2CX


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