From: Jeff Gold (
Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 19:50:13 EDT


well had another great qrp experience today. Was listening around
on my Cascade.. heard a lonely DL3 station calling. Tried to get
back.. nothing.. tried again.. heard QRZ..fine tund and heard him
say something about a number of stations calling and the 4 station
should go again. Gave my call sign a couple of times.. he got
it!!!! came back and told me he could barely make me out.. wasn't
moving his meter.. but with His Kenwood 870 DSP filter in line, he
coule copy.

I came back to him.. and after giving him my info.. explained I
was putting out about .5 watts (which is what I had it at on
normal speaking). He came back and couldn't believe it.. he went
on and on for a while.. then he wanted to talk for a while and
said he would much rather do that than worry about the pile up and
just exchanging signal reports and working a bunch of people in a
row. We talked at that power level for abouit 10 minutes or so and
he mentioned something about it would be interesting to see the
difference if I could raise my power.. but he understoo I couldn't
with my kit built radio. He was running a KW and was freaking out.

I asked him for his exact frequency and explained that I had
another transciever. Switched over to the old kenwood 930 (use if
for emergencies) put the power all the way up to 50 watts and then
up to maybe 60w (forgive me .. for I have sinned). we taked for
quite a while and are now exchangin info over the Internet.. he
just got an ISDN connection.. quite interesting.

Anyone know the Internet site that has live voice chat.. it is a
ham site?

72 de TN
Jeff, AC4HF

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