Re: Curse of the 49er...or I'll get you for this Jim Cates.


From: jim seeber (
Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 20:22:20 EDT

> Well, I got the 49er in from Jim yesterday in the mail. Got it about 2pm.
> Had it together by 3:30pm and have been messing around ever since.
> I hear signals! Not sure if it is transmitting but don't think so. I hear the
> signal from the rig when it is rxing in another rx on the bench. But no
> tone or amplitude change when keyed. In the headphones I can hear
> the audio mute momentarily when I key it. Have a junk wattmeter that
> goes down to 30 watts but no indication of output on that scale either.
> Have been double, triple, quadruple checking the board, soldering, and
> components. You know how it is. Still have to check current draw with
> the trusty Simpson 260 etc.
> Question, is it normal for me to hear this DC rx in another rx on
> freq? This signal should be strong enough to work something.......?
> I keep thinking the rest of the world is hearing this massive carrier on
> or about 7040 while I am listening to this pup. Anybody in KH6 hear
> me this morning listening to my 49er???
> Anyway,,,,,I believe I am hooked and it's Jim's fault.
> Lemme see now wheres that catalog of qrp stuff? I need a watt
> meter. Maybe I should look at some of these other rigs in here while
> I'm at..........................................I'll get even with you for
> this Jim.
> heheheh 73 de KS0F
> ks0f@i1.netAs far as qrp wattmeters go, for years i struggled with old
cd meters, and mfj stuff, then came the ad for OHR qrp wattmeter.
WOW!!! It will never see the light of a hamfest table(unless of
course there is a new model with microwatts added)
72/73 Jim kw3u

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