Re: Thumb + Dit Vs Thumb = Dah <humor>


Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 08:20:56 EDT

O.K.---All you lefties like me out there---stand up and be counted!

Some (most?) (all??) of us have been sending with thumb = dah since we first
ventured away from straight keys. In my case, it was the transition through
the "bug" period that sealed my fate. I never saw a left handed bug, but
Dave Ingram probably has one in his collection.

If I had gone directly from straight key to electronic key, I might have been
inclined to use thumb = dit since you "righties" always tend to set the
convention, and I guess for some reason (I'm not sure why, though) the thumb
= dit convention was adopted. Does anyone REALLY know why?? I suppose the
thumb is presumed to be less dexterious (is that a word?) than the first
finger, and the dah apparently requires more dexterity. Right?

So Bob, are those people laughing at you thinking that we thumb = dahs don't
know how to send? If so, let's throw down the gauntlet! I bet you at least
half of those naysayers use the "bounce" method anyway (you know,
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dit daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dit daaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah dit daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah)!

Don't take any flak Bob! We must stand up and defend our honor! Thumb =
dahs unite!

72 de David W7AQK

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