From: chuck adams (
Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 02:42:52 EDT


I know you aren't going to believe this one. Geeeeeez.
What was I thinking. I already had DE with Jim K3QIO
confirmed. What I needed was RI. I had myself talked
into the wrong state what with all the postings and all.

Guess what? I heard WL7DB around 10.106MHz (you gotta
go down to the low end and listen even though we all
like to round up around 10.116MHz or so) and he had
a good signal. In case you've been asleep this is
Alaska, a.k.a. AK. So anyway he's in a long QSO
and still holding in there when he decides to QSY to
75M at the end of the QSO. Close but no luck.

OK, so I'm working at the desk with earphones on and
then I hear a KB1BXB call CQ. He's weak but what the
hey. First call get him. Well I'll be horn-swaggled,
he's in RI. That is number 49 on 30M. And I almost
caught up with Harvey N6MM on the number of states on the
same day he got the 50th. You guys are right 30M was
and is hot right now. Good signals for a long time.

Heard the WL7 around 0424UTC and the KB1 around 0442UTC.
So maybe tomorrow night (oh no, maybe I shouldn't share
this information :-) ) same Bat Channel same Bat Time
(from the old Batman TV series).

Band folds (30M) so get out the OHR Explorer II on 40M
and tuning and there he is a long lost friend, W8MVN Ernie
in Franklin OH, with his usual 599+ working a 5 in
Houston. Ernie too goes QRT after the QSO. What it's only
2 in a.m.? The night is still young.

OK, 1 outta 3 for the big ones but did have some nice
Qs in between. That's what counts anyways. Right?
I think so. If I get 'em all, what will I do next?
Go down to 250mW? 100mW? Go to 17M? WAQ - worked
all QRP-L?

Thought you might be interested. It ain't over til
it's over........ :-)

dit dit es gn/gm to all (milage may vary) :-)

p.s. Where in CA is Altadena? Want a pizza Harvey?
Must be in southern CA.
Chuck Adams (K5FO CP-60)
K5FO TMPS 1995 Qs=222 States=46 ConfirmedQs=127 DX=04 (0.95W)
K5FO TMPS 1996 Qs=093 States=36 ConfirmedQs=58 DX=04 (0.95W)
40M==49wkd/49cfmd - 30M==49wkd/48cfmd - 20M==50wkd/50cfmd (0.95W)

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