Re: Thumb = dit vs Thumb = Da


From: Vic Simpson (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 04:58:30 EDT

In message <>, MARK MILBURN
<> writes
>Not yet, but why didn't I think of this before? What an advantage in
>trying to work QSOs at a contest rate.
>If you hear strange cw for the next couple of months, you can just assume
>it's me trying to learn how to send left-handed.
>73 mark
I have been following this thread with some interest. I tried left
handed sending using my conventionally wired paddles. What a terrible
idea. I considered swapping over the dot and dash wires to see if that
helped. Rejected on grounds that the whole deal was a waste of time.

On impulse, I turned the paddle around so the Bencher's paddles were
away from me and tried sending left handed that way. It worked. At
least it worked if I stopped thinking about what my fingers were doing.

The moment I tried to consciously control my fingers, the whole deal
would collapse. Looks like The CW Force can and does travel from hand
to hand, so long as I don't let my brain(? -hah!) get in the way.

I don't get it. Any ideas?

I'll have to go now, the voices in the LH half of my brain have started
bickering with those on the right..... What a neighbourhood.

73 de G0BVZ, Vic
RSGB G-QRP AGCW ARCI(When I remember to renew!) SCAG DIG

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