The Greatest of All Labor Days--The September Spartan Sprint


Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 18:16:15 EDT

Have you noticed that the Labor Day weekend can be something of a hassle?
Crowds, family obligations, burnt hamburgers and other little reminders
of life's rough edges?

Well, Adventure Radio Society has the perfect solution. Our standard
Spartan Sprint day will be Labor Day, Monday, September 2. In just two
hours, cleverly timed so that they won't interfere with your other Labor
Day responsibilities, you can get your QRP fix.

The Spartan Sprints celebrate lightweight, simple radio gear. Howewver,
we're thrilled to have you one tonners participate as well. We report
contest results in two ways--QSOs per pound of station weight, and the
absolute number of QSOs. So you can achieve glory in two different

ARS provides handsome certificates to the operators who achieve the top
four scores in the Qs per pound category. Because he's an essentially
worthless person, the contest manager is ineligible.

You can get a full explanation the Spartan Sprints from our web site, Or if you'd rather get the
material by e-mail, just drop a note to me, Russ Carpenter, AA7QU, at and I'd be glad to e-mail a copy. The following
synopsis, however, will give you all you need to participate.

Here is the plan for September 2:

1. Start at 9:00 PM EDT, 8:00 CDT, 7:00 MDT and 6:00 PDT.
Finish at 11:00 PM EDT, 10:00 CDT, 9:00 MDT and 8:00 PDT.K
2. Use 7040 +- Khz and 14,060 +- Khz (You may operate one or two
bands--your choice).

3. Exchange RST, SPC (state, province or country) and power output.

4. If you choose to call CQ, use the format "CQ SP".

5. If you are operating under the portable QRP rules, add "/PQ" to your
call. (You can find those rules at our web site,

6. You can take credit for working the same station on a second band.

After the contest, send me e-mail with your total QSOs and the total
weight of your station (i.e., the combined weight of the transmitter,
receiver, antenna tuner, key, keyer and battery). You may also include
your comments from the soapbox. If you get that information to me by
Tuesday night, I'll include your data in the contest results, which I'll
publish on Thursday on the ARS web site and the QRP-L.

72, Russ Carpenter, AA7QU
ARS Contest Manager and General Purpose Gofer

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