Re: square hold revisited


From: Ray Anderson (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1996 - 21:10:03 EDT

>SO... If somebody knows that nibblers can still be purchased,
>and they know where me and Gary can purchase a new nibbler,
>I would appreciate it. (Gary will appreciate it too, but he does
>not know that yet.)

        Last time I was in a Rat Shack (Radio Shack) a couple of years
ago they had nibblers hanging on the wall. Don't know if they still
carry them. Also, for those in proximity to Silicon Valley, Fry's
Electronics does have them in the tool section.

        An alternative (those pricey) way of cutting the holes is
to get a nice Greenlee chassis punch of the correct size. They do
a beautiful job inside 30 seconds.

        Ray WB6TPU

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