49-er Finished


From: KB0PJE /5 JFD (jdougher@wt.net)
Date: Mon Aug 19 1996 - 03:25:11 EDT

Finished the 49-er kit today and pass many thanks to the developers. It
was lots of fun, and fired right up (after final check catch of 2
capacitors reversed). Very happy it works, cause I haven't built a kit
since 60'w when last into radio.....

Ideas from project:

1. Made a small key with a 2.5 mm plug and a microswitch that had a
small metal "bumper paddle" on it. Drilled hole in plug to accept
one of the switches terminals, and used real opening on plug shell to
get wire in from other terminal. After getting wiring soldered, jammed
two together and used glue gun to hold everything together. Final
assembly only about 1.5 in long by 1 in. high.

2. Found a small 12V battery at Radio Shack. It's only about 75% of the
size of a AA. Don't know the MAH rating, and the guy in the store
couldn't find it in the book. But it;s only $2.89 (alkaline).
Supposedly this size is for car alarm systems, or such.....

3. Ran wide electrical tape across Altoid tin bottom to prevent shorts.
Took two strips of wide 1.5" tape to cover bottom.

4. USed #4-40 screws and nuts for standoffs. Two nuts seem to
work OK as perfect hight to lift board off bottom, and still have room
for door to close.

5. Opted for putting battery outside so I could choose to run 12 volt.

6. On 12VDC supply the rig tunes 7040.8 to 7045.7. On a falling 9VDC
battery, it runes 7039.7 to 7044.4 right out of the box (this new board
rev includes the bigger cap and the small parallel one.) No problems
with parastics or problems with the chokes as supplied.)

Many thanks for all the posted tips from previous buiders (especially
the one about backing up the Altoids tin when drilling! - And thanks for
tip on the Hancock Fabric INCANDESCENT magnifier. The ten Bucks for it
fit my budget, and it worked fine (except for the heat from it as I
leaned over it in my 105 deg Houston garage workbench.......)

Now to start the mods. I believe the receive audio boost mod will be
the first, as that is the most bothersome. Other than that, overall
receive seems OK. No Q's yet, but maybe later tonight.
KB0PJE /5 Houston
Jack Dougherty

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