Soapbox for the August Spartan Sprints


Date: Sun Aug 18 1996 - 19:28:49 EDT

Here is the Soapbox for the August Spartant Sprints, held on the
non-standard day of August 11. Thanks to all of you who participated and
contributed this most interesting commentary.


Wow! Who put up the fence around Texas! Couldn't even get out of the
state for any of my contacts. Didn't hear a thing until after the sun
went down and the QRN was awful after that. Heard one K0 and a couple
of 7's, but couldn't work them. Missed the last half hour because of
a long distance telephone call from my brother-in-law...just when the
band was starting to open up a bit.

Nevertheless, I had great fun and thanks for sponsoring the event.
I'll be back for the next one, though Monday nights is doubles tennis
night and I'll miss the first hour.

Good luck,


Gary, KJ5VW


Well I hung the Hy-Gain tape measure dipole set at 14060 in the trees in
preparation for last nite. Fortunately I checked the band out using the
base yaesu
and 2 element quad. Had one qrp/qrp qso wid Bob, AC5AM. I thought
things were going pretty well when, on Bob's last xm, the bottom dropped
out. I made 2
more ARS SP contacts with the other station at qrp levels but was forced
to crank the yaesu up to the 100 watt range so I cud be heard, hi hi.
Had a very nice
qso wid Bill, N7MFB after driving away the qrm (QRL QRL QRL - TU).
Followed by a fairly gud cpy with Dan, AA7QU. Total weight of the
equipment used
exceeds the rated capacity of my pick-up truck, so I won't report it.
Sounded like a lot more stations were working 20m so I guess my tirade
last month abt local
40m contacts took, hi hi. I kinda wonder if there were any right
coasters on but never turned the quad their way. 73/72 cul de Mike,
KR4IT (the furtherest West
in 4-land of any qrp'er I know)


Conditions were pretty good at my QTH.
Typical 40 mtrs to me...

Rig: OHR400 and Brass Racer and gel cell
       Total wt: 7.25 lbs

      Total QSO's: 15 All on 40 mtrs


Howdy, Russ.

Nice to work you again last night. I went to the St. Joe National Forest
north of Moscow, ID and put a dipole up 50 feet between two trees. It
was aimed at 205 degrees directly into northern CA, where I expected to
make lots of contacts. HA! I made only 6 QSO's, but the station weight
was down to 1.7 lbs. Rig-NC40A, battery-8-AAs, keyer-KC1, paddles-G4ZPY,
headphones-tiny earphone. Well it was a great view in the forest. Next
month will be a bit tougher to take things down since sunset will come

RESULTS: 6 QSOS from 1.7 lbs = 3.5 Q/P

Note: This score is an order of magnitude (10X) better than my June
score, just as Wayne predicted. Actually he predicted scores in general,
not mine!

Moscow, ID



Here's my first Spartan Sprint entry, wish I could
  have done more, cause I was having a good time.

  Used a straight key, was way out of practice & had to
  resist hooking up my ol'favorite 1962 Vibroplex bug.
  Looks like I'll have to buckle down and learn a keyer.

* Your full name and callsign | Robert B Edwards, AE4CA
* Date of the sprint | August 14, 1996
* Total number of completed QSOs | 8
* The weight of your station | 1.5

Weights, measured on a (Weight Watcher's) scale:
   straight key 0.2
   8 AA batts 0.5
   NN1G, 40m 0.5 (per ARS chart)
   headphones 0.1
   ant balun 0.2


Hi, last nite, aug 14th local time . I made 3 QSO's KC5RAS TX 2w, N2VPK
NY 4w, and W3TS Pa 1 watt !!

My name Jim Hale KJ5TF rig is SW-40 in a little tin case, microsw
paddels, Ramsey CW-700 keyer, and 6 D cell batteries, (rechargeable&
bought surplus), charged by solar panel... naturally! ;)
Dont forget the flyweight headfones! I only could run 30 min in the
test! It was FUN! Thanks!! 72/3'z de Jim


Hi Russ,

Here are my results from last nights Spartan Sprint.

16 QSOs, 10 states, all on 40 Meters. (plus one QRO guy who gave up on me
before reporting his power)

NW40 tcvr
St. Louis tuner
CMOS III keyer
Bencher paddles
7AH gel cell
Wal-Mart earphones

I weighed this stuff at 11 pounds on the bathroom scales. So Qs/Lb =
= 1.5. Don't have your original post with the standard weights on it, so
my scales is off, feel free to modify. This is the station I normally
Thought I'd try it once just to have a comparison in case I get serious
about this minimal stuff.

The Sprint was a lot of fun. - but wierd. I had two runs. Worked 6
stations in 14 minutes one time and 5 stations in 11 minutes another time.
So, it took an hour and 35 minutes to work the other 5 stations. Alabama
and Ohio were the fartherest west. I used a G5RV and a Big Loop about
50/50. Both runs were with the G5RV, but the big loop also made Al and

Thanks for the alternate day for the sprint!!

Bob Kellogg, AE4IC


Hello Russ,

A great deal of QRN on 40 meters at this QTH.


     40 Meters 8
     20 Meters 4

        Total 12


       Oak Hills 400, Kent touch paddle, Heath HFT-9 Tuner, Battery

       Total Weight apx 14 lbs

73, Steve K8IDN QRP-L #331

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