Ferrite beads, J309's, MVAM108s: examples of Future Stock?


From: L.Svec,W.Burdick (svecbrdk@well.com)
Date: Sun Aug 18 1996 - 19:56:50 EDT

A few of you have asked me about hard-to-find parts. Bob Dyer at
Wilderness Radio has always made things like these available to his
customers but hasn't ever put firm prices on them.

Here are the items that I'll ask Bob to put prices on and list in the
Wilderness catalog. If you have others in mind, let me know. Until he
actually sets prices, please just continue to call or write to Wilderness
when you need them.

MVAM108 varactor diode
10-turn, 10K pot (for NC40A)
1-turn, 10K pot (for ABX control)
Small Sierra-style knob
Small NC40A-style knob
FB64-101 ferrite bead


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