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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Sun Aug 18 1996 - 08:17:28 EDT

Hi Jerry and QRP-L gang,

Jerry brings up a good point for folks who don't live near a metro area or
"silicon" area. I too have searched through Mouser, Dan's etc for these two
parts (and the beads not an easy one to find if you want to follow the
number that Wayne recommended and plan on buying JUST one).

Possibly, since these are parts particular to the Wilderness Sierra maybe it
would be prudent to see if Bob at Wilderness would "stock" these onesy-twosy
items for us (at a reasonable price and shipping price). There are some
other parts like the ABX external pot and matching Sierra knob which may
also fit in this category.

I don't have Bob's email address but maybe some one could contact Bob and
see if would be willing to do this for his customer base and this doesn't
imply getting into the parts business (Dick at Oak Hills Research had to get
out of the parts business I'm sure because of the small profit-to-expense

Cheers Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB in parts rich (not) Newfoundland.

At 16:40 8/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Since I can't get the parts I need to modify my Sierra here in good ole
>Rapid City, SD (this place is 20 years behind time). Where is a good place
>to order the following 2 items. 1- J310, 2- fb64-101 ? I looked on Dan's
>Small Parts page and he does not have them.
>Jerry - NR5A
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