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From: Holland, Steve (
Date: Sun Aug 18 1996 - 06:11:51 EDT

Another important thing to watch out for with RTV. RTV is a very good
insulator when dry but some brands are conductive until it cures. This
can produce interesting results in a circuit if some gets on while it is
turned on. If you are in doubt about the RTV use an ohm meter to measure
it while it is wet. If you get a reading let it cure before turning on
the circuit. Hope this helps. 72 de N9HXX/4

Steve N9HXX/4

From: svecbrdk[]
Sent: August 16 1996 14:11
To: Low Power Amateur Radio Discuss
Subject: IMPORTANT note about RTV (via Paul, W0R

Thought I'd relay this bit of very useful info. Thanks, Paul!

>When you specify RTV you need to specify Electronic Grade RTV
>which is fairly hard to find in stores. The regular RTV (that smells
>like vinegar) has acetic acid in it which will eat up your
>wires after a while. Paul S.

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