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Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 07:10:10 EDT


Super feedback on your MFJ-9420. I just recently picked one up and I'm
having a lot of fun with it. I'd be very interested in your digital
(pactor) mods. I'd like to get a little qrp digital activity going just
ABOVE 14.060 and the 9420 looks like a slick way to go. Did the audio
speech processing affect the output from your multimode tnc? By the way
what does your digital set-up look like?

OK some hints:

Number one I suggest you join the newly rejuvinated MFJ 90's Club and get
their MFJ 90's Newsletter. The newsletter is put out quarterly by David
Luscombe W5RIF, 13506 Clareton Lane, Cypress, TX 77429 (email Dues are $5 to join and $2 a year renewal with
the request that the members write up their mods, experiences etc on the MFJ
90xx and 94xx series of qrp rigs for the newsletter. David puts out a neat
little newsletter and as an example in the July issue the MFJ-9406 6 meter
rig is reviewed and I'm sure in the future we'll see some articles by Paul
N5AN our resident 90xx guru. Also from what I understand David has set up a
special MFJ customers relations contact with MFJ rep Richard Stubbs KC5NSZ

Second - if you want a MFJ-9020 manual then just give MFJ a call or maybe
check into their new web site (I checked in last night and it is building
up). MFJ will send you free a copy of their full manual on any product they
make - obviously I would hate to see us abuse this privilege but I have
gotten info from MFJ on anything I've asked for in the past - contrary to
what you may hear from folks they can give you some super service if you
know where to ask.

So why not write up an article on your mods and if you want I can help you
get it published. Also if anyone out there has done mods for the MFJ 90xx
rigs I'd be glad to gather this info up and see where we can go with it -
maybe a MFJ 90xx Cookbook someday. So what about an RIT for the 9420? What
about adding a MFJ 9420 earphone jack (I believe it will have to be isolated
from the chassis?)

So will wait to hear more from you Mike.

73/72 Bob VO1DRB/WA6ERB

At 21:31 8/9/96 -0400, you wrote:
>am looking for a source of mods available to the line of MFJ QRP rigs. in
>particular, i am looking to add RIT to the MFJ 9420 SSB/CW QRP rig. what
>might also help is if someone has the schematic for the MFJ 9020 series QRP
>rigs. i'm sure the designs are pretty similar in nature. i can't say enough
>about the 9420. sure is fun to work the world at under 12watts! i have used
>the rig at home, in the car, out in the field, SSB, CW, and just recently
>have used it running PACTOR by using the CW adapter to access the lower
>portion of the 20m band and disabling the 700 TX offset while using the
>digital modes.
>anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.
>72's Mike AC6JA
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