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From: L. B. Cebik (
Date: Sat Aug 10 1996 - 08:08:27 EDT

On Fri, 9 Aug 1996, Gary Surrency wrote:

> Guys, get a hold of Netscape and join the HTML world. It's even available
> free on their web site for a limited time version.

Of couse, this presumes that one has a WINSOCK on Windows 3.1 or Windows95
installed. Strange that we cheer those who use older rigs (even antique
rigs), but demand that computer users get the latest software, rather than
trying to serve the largest number with what they happen to be using. If
a page-maker assumes the reader must have the very latest, he/she cuts
down the size of the target audience, especially in amateur radio circles.

There are many capable browswers besides Netscape. SlipKnot (which
emulates a pre-tables Mosaic) works from a shell account having LYNX (but
slowly). Spry Mosaic is equal to Netscape, and presents tables more
attractively, but does not support a few alignment code options.
Microsoft and OS-2 have explorers that are highly competent. Beware of
free offers for some browsers (for example, the ATT version of Netscape):
some are locked into the commercial server's system and cannot be easily
made to work independently of a commercial subscription. Netscape can be
downloaded every 30 days or so, if you want to stay both free and without
crash, but to use it longer involves a registration for pay.

The world of web browsing is a fascinating walk in a forest.



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