S. Manitou Island QRP!


From: Floyd Soo, KF8AT (hires@rust.net)
Date: Sat Aug 03 1996 - 05:00:10 EDT

Ken, KF8RG, will be camping with his family on South Manitou Island in
Lake Michigan. For the uninitiated, So. Manitou and No. Manitou Islands
are offshore of the Sleeping Bear Dunes in NW lower Michigan. Indian
legend says that there was a forest fire in Wisconsin. A mother bear and
her 2 cubs tried to swim across Lake Michigan to Michigan in order to
escape the fire. The mother bear made it across OK, but the two cubs
drowned. The giant sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan is the mother
bear and North and South Manitou Islands are the two cubs that didn't
make it, and thus the namesake of Sleeping Bear Dunes!

Ken will be operating his MFJ 40 meter QRP rig and a dipole. He will be
either be on or near 7.040 or 7.125 MHz most of the time. He has camped
on the island several times before and I have worked him from here in the
Detroit area. Ken has an interest in the Great Lakes, including
lighthouses. Try to catch him and give him a nice ragchew!

Floyd Soo, KF8AT
QRP-L #392

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