ARK-20 computer control


From: W. Daniel, 9V1ZV (
Date: Sat Jul 27 1996 - 11:29:22 EDT

Hi Gang,

        Well, my laziness finally got the better of me. After using some big
rigs in the past, and writing up automated logging software in which I only
provide the call and the RST, coming back to some of the QRP rigs proved to
be a little tedious on the logging side of things.

        Now, some of you may know that I put in a microcontroller into my ARK-20
to do some keying. Yesterday I finally hooked up the unused pins of the
microprocessor to the ARK-20 BCD-thumbwheel and wrote some additional code
for it. I am happy to say that after some tweaking, the thing now works. I
have followed ICOM's C-IV protocol and now my logging software will
recognize my ARK-20 just like some of those new fangled ICOM rigs. When I
change the frequency it is automatically reflected in the logger. Cool, now
I can get back to operating and don't worry about logging.

73 de 9V1ZV Daniel

 Daniel Wee |
 9V1ZV      |

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