Re: Walking Paddle Tip


Date: Fri Jul 12 1996 - 02:03:55 EDT

     To stop my paddle wandering away from where it's supposed to be I use
     Blutack, which we get over here and is normally used to stick
     drawings/paintings (usually done by my children) to the wall etc.
     The stuff is a bit like plastacine (which I guess would do as well)
     and you break a lump off the slab that you buy from the Stationers and
     roll it in your fingers until it's warm and then push a blob onto each
     foot or corner of the key and press the key onto the bench. A great
     advantage is that you can adjust for level, by adding more Blutack you
     can raise that keys, take some off to lower, and you can adjust for a
     tilt by pressing harder on one side or corner.
     No commercial link with Blutack etc. etc...
     While I'm on, anyone know if the 49er/OHR kits are available in the
     UK? If so via whom? If not anyone any advice on obtaining lists of
     kits and prices please?
     Thanks all.
     de Dave (G0DJA)

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