Hamsticks vs Pro-am Whips


From: George Gingell (k3tks@u1.abs.net)
Date: Fri Jul 05 1996 - 18:29:41 EDT

Hi Peter,
I believe that they are quite Similar but Actually Different Products.
I have several Hamsticks and only one Pro-Am Whip. The Pro-Am is IMHO
a better product. It has a collar arrangement where the whip connects
into the body of the main coil wound lower part of the shaft. This allows
you to dis-assemble the whip and re-assemble the whip without loosing
your adjustment settings. You only need to mark the top and bottom halfs
of the antennas to keep them sorted. With the Ham Sticks, you must either
leave them assembled or contrive a means of keeping track of the upper/
lower elements and make marks for the adjustments. Not quite so Handy?
If you use Hamsticks, like I do, Then you can Purchase Small Round
Metal Collars from your local Model Hobby Shop and place them on the
upper elements (They have a setscrew) to mark the Resonance Adjustment
point. You can also Paint them and The Matching Base with a Colour to
match which can also indicate the Band. Just use Resistor Colour Code
or what ever you like. CW markings?
GL es Hope this helps answer your question.
I cc this to QRP-L since there might be others wondering also.
Mike & Ron, Maybe the "Collars on the Whips" can be used in the Idea
Exchange next time?

QRP DX TU (C) 1986 G.Danny Gingell, K3TKS@.abs.net

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