Date: Fri Jul 05 1996 - 14:05:00 EDT

Hello Gang, Thank you to all who answered me plea for help here,
on getting the QRP+/KAM-TNC-HOSTMASTER software, on 20 meters.

I did find the FSKINV in the manual on page 19, and it does indeed
invert the transmitt signal. I tried it out this moring and chatted with
"The Story Man", W9CRC from Kokomo IN. What a great ole man, he's 90 years
old and has been on RTTY since 1950 and has been a ham since 1925.

I should have looked more closely at the manual, when all eles fails,

So now, "I have arrived in the digital modes", so where are all the other
guys that do rtty?

Surely there must be some one in the 80m range of this station that is
willing to give it a go? I called cq for an hour yesterday,yes I know it
was the 4th of July, and got no takers.

I will call cq on 3.595.0 most nights @ 18:00 local, EDST ,22:00 UTC.
45 BAUD/170 SHIFT.For a half hour, I will monitor that freq. every time I
come into the shack.

80 meters is quite as a church mouse,after the thunder storms of the
provious night that is. See you there.

73 de AA1IK



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