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From: Charles Brown (maf00035@maf.mobile.al.us)
Date: Fri Jul 05 1996 - 07:00:39 EDT

From: Dave Matthews <dmatt@roch875.mc.xerox.com>
To: Low Power Amateur Radio Discussion <qrp-l@Lehigh.EDU>
Subject: Power Supplies
>Now I need to come up with a power supply. What do people commonly
>use? Bike/car battery? Filament transformer into a bridge and caps
>with a single chip regulator? What regulator chip is popular nowadays?
Buy a good 5 ampere power supply from Tripp Lite or Astron--
(Tripp Lite 500 N. Orleans, Chicago, IL 60610 tel 312 755 8741, Astron
RS 7A at various ham dealers or Amateur Electronic Supply 414 358-
Run the plus and minus leads to a a small box with a 5 lug standoff.
The insulated standoff is used for your plus and minus wires.
Attach heavy duty zip cord to the plus and minus leads on the standoff.
On the other end attach a Female polarized interlocking connector
(Radio Shack 274-222 - 2 pin Male/Female set) On the Explorer radio
attach the matching Male polarized connector.
Now all you do is run the Male interlocking connector to your Explorer
and plug in.
1. This gives a power supply that can run a keyer and several small 13.8v
2. It should give dependable service that you won't have to think about.
You should get good service for 15 - 20 years out of this one supply.
3. The screw terminals are converted to plastic plug-in connectors. If
you need your Explorer you can unplug it in a few seconds.
4. You need high quality filtering and a regulated output. You can also
get overvoltage protection.
You can build a supply but it will cost you.
Compare building with the ARRL Handbook and with buying Far Circuits
PC boards --18N640 Field Ct., Dundee, IL 60118 tel 312 426 2431.
If you build I would think about making it big enough to handle extra
capacity in the future.
de N4SO

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