30m DX


From: NYOUNG@nova.wright.edu
Date: Sun Jun 30 1996 - 01:35:15 EDT

I heard 'em. I really did. I heard 'em this morning and this
afternoon. But I didn't feel like fighting the pile-ups. There
are moments when I just have to figure that some fine day I'll
get on the air with a couple watts and do some QSOs to the
other side of the world.

I guess it's the difference between silly point and just point.
Either way I gotta watch I don't get a ball in the teeth. BUt
I'd rather do it without pressing my luck. Maybe it's an inversely
proportional ratio or something.

And, dammit, ESPN and ESPN2 still don't have cricket! What am I
gonna have to do? Win the lottery?

And another thing: Am I missing something or are a lot of former
Eastern Bloc callsigns showing up in Africa a lot recently? Back
during the Soviet fiasco in Afghanistan, I noticed that a lot of
so-called "Central Asian" chunks of the soviet hegemony suddenly
had a couple hams on the air. Guys with names like Igor and Vlad.
No Rishads or Mehmets. Partisans need not apply, I guess.

Oh yeah: if I was bored to death I wouldn't have been able to
post anything, would I?

Maybe I should get up early tomorrow and see, as Chuck mentioned
at Dayton, if 30 meters is open. Which it will be.

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