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Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 21:38:00 EDT

Roy Boggs said:

RB> When using the little TenTec keyer, the 'dit' side seems to be less
RB> responsive than the 'dah'; this means when sending at 15-20 wpm, many of th
RB> 'dit's are skipped and u can imagine how useless that is. If I just key the
RB> dits only , at any speed, it shoots 'em out like a machine gun. Contacts on
RB> the Bencher paddle are apparently fine, as they work super fast on the
RB> Atomic Keyer and on the Knwd 850 keyer. Contacts are set with a sheet of
RB> paper. It seems like a problem in the 556 timer, or some capacitor lag or
RB> ?????. (Nils, you have one, any ideas). The keyer would be a super
RB> value at $13 if I can resolve this. Since it is the same keyer used in the
RB> Omni V (or VI?) it must work ok normally.

Roy, if you get it working properly, I have another one you can have....does
the same thing. A couple years ago I went on FD with another guy in the
area who had a larger Ten-Tec keyer and it did the same thing. I am most
enamored of Ten-Tec equipment, but I think their keyers are the worst.
I now use an MFJ I picked up used (have been using it for 15 years or so)
and it works flawlessly, so it's just not me being picky...the keyer really
has problems. Now if I could just keep my paddles from corroding so I have
to keep cleaning them to keep them making contact....?

73 Mark, KQ0I

.... nfx v2.6 [C0000]

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