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From: bfollett@ditell.com
Date: Sun Jun 23 1996 - 16:16:43 EDT

Yea, FD is over!

My ears are still in pain, have cramped muscles from sitting on my butt too
long, and I found alot of things didn't work, like my big, deep-cycle batt.
(Guess after being on a charger for 10 years, it gave up the ghost--so much for
not checking).

>From the back yard, I set up my QRP+, laptop, and R-7 Antenna running 1B.
Between thunderstorms, I started working SSB on 20M, being a glutten for
I had good intentions of working CW, but got caught up in the QRP SSB
challenge...probably a mistake, but interesting.

The results:

40M 28 Qs
20M 61 Qs
15M 47 Qs
10M 19 Qs
             = 775 points

I never would have believed I would make so many contacts on 20, and was
surprised that QRP was NOT a great equalizer on 10M.

Resolution for the future: Pay closer attention to the emergency power source.
(now to get ready for the sparten sprint. Where to go? decisions decisions).

73, Bob
Bob Follett WA7FCU, QRP-L # 129, NorCal, ARCI, 10-10
2861 Estates Dr. VOICE: 801.649.6457
Park City, UT 84060 Home Office E-mail: bfollett.ditell.com

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