Re: MFJ 'No Ground/No Radial' Antenna


From: Rick Zabrodski (
Date: Sun Jun 23 1996 - 19:39:30 EDT

I have had great luck with vertical on the ground and on the roof.
Yes, I used lots of radials.
I saw this beast at Dayton. No body has reviewed it and made a comparison
to an R7 in any of the mags. It should be done.

"If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is!"

For my money, buy some wire, ladder line and a tuner and but up a vertical
or sloping dipole (vertical) I would bet money it works better although
tuning would be required with changing bands


Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E) MRO * VE6GK
Clinical Assistant Professor * NorCal 519 ARCI 7650 GQRP 8329
Faculty of Medicine, Univ. of Calgary * "Power is no substitute for skill"

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