From: L. B. Cebik (cebik@utkux.utcc.utk.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 23 1996 - 06:07:52 EDT

As users of HAMCALC know, George Murphy, VE3ERP, the main author and
tireless compiler, devotes his energies to making HAMCALC possible. He
turns donations over to the Canadian National Institute for the blind
amateur radio program. I have just received a letter from Muirph in
which he notes that CNIB has told the following: donations from
non-Canadian ham users of HAMCALC have just about paid for a new
transceiver to be assigned to a blind ham. Both CNIB and Murph are very
appreciative. Since members of this group are HAMCALC users and Jim puts
it in the QRP-L arcives, I thought you might like to know.



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