Re: "Phenomenon" on 30 metres


Date: Sat Jun 22 1996 - 22:02:41 EDT

About half way through the posting on John Travolta & others using
ham radio in the movie "Phenomenon," I suddenly realized that I might
be missing something. That's because I was immediately reminded of a
comedy bit I'd seen the other night. The comedienne was telling about
her first experiences in New York. She's a Georgia native and she was
amazed at how ordinary bums and junkies seem to home in on people who
are not as street-wise as her version of the common New Yorker.

She told about this junky who was lurching her direction. The guy was
holding a Scientology sign. She said something like "And I thought,
`Please, Lord... let him stay with the heroin.'"

The connection between the Scientology sign, the junkie, the comedy
bit and the movie "Phenomenon" was easy enough: John Travolta is a
Scientologist. So is Chick Corea and a hand-full of other Hollywood
types. And here's Travolta, probably OT3 by now, playing in a moview
about some guy who gets his full brain potential from a beam of light
sent from a space ship. Kinda makes sense, if you follow the Dianetics/
Scientology hokum.

L.Ron Hubbard founded Scientology after making a bet with some other
sci-fi writers that he could get rich off a bogus religion scam. Guess
he got so used to the money that he started to believe it. Anyway,
the Dianetics/Scientology line goes that some evil intergalactic
power tripper captured a bunch of super-brain beings known as Thetans
in a volcano and sealed the volcano with an atomic device. (Does this
begin to link here? This volcano story and the volcano that you see
in the adverts for "Dianetics by L.Ron Hubbard" that show up on the
tv from time to time?)

So Hubbard made up this spiel that you and I and everyone else on
this planet is inhabited by a tortured, captive Thetan just trying to
breath free (background of melancholic violin notes). And that each of
us can reach our true potential as living beings (and, I guess, as
Thetans) by using the question-answer bit involving a galvanic skin
response meter available only from the Church of Scientology and only
to be used by trained "auditors" to clean up our engrams and return us
to the pristine state of intellectual cool (and economic ruin) known
only to those who have paid their money to holy mothra crutch.

So there's Travolta, copying RTTY and ASCII and Ron only knows what
else while working DX to Diana Ross (ok, maybe it was Dianetics Ross
or something). Why it's enough to make me wanna turn on my radio,
hoist the tibetan prayer flags up the feed line and let loose with
a whole text from one of those (presumably posthumous) sci-fi books
that keep popping up with L.Ron Hubbard's name on 'em. Then I'd know
for sure that my ethics were in and my gains were validated and all
was right with Command, Org & millions of other struggling, captive
Thetans around the universe. ANd I'd probably bend spoons like Uri
Geller and make my antenna flat out levitate to optimum heights.

That is, it would work if I weren't FAIR GAME. You might wanna check
that out. It was one of the Command lines from around 1969, one that
gave permission to every Scientologist (of whatever OT [operating
thetan] grade &c) to basically badger into a coma anyone who had ever
spoken out against Command or the Church. Like me, 'cause I helped a
friend escape from all that b.s. Said friend heard from Org again
later, suggesting that his ethics might have been invalidated by his
friendship with a certain SP (suppressive person) who, as luck would
have it, had my name.

Like I'm concerned. Me? I am one of the SubGenius, who were cast
up upon these shores millenia ago when the first One True Salesman
did puff on his pipe of Frop and say "Gimme 20 dollars... or kill
me." So I ain't got time for John Travolta copying RTTY in his head.
After all, he's got a Thetan in there with him.

But I do think he otter get a ticket fer using phones on 30 metrons
and trying to talk to Dianetics Ross. Or was that Dianetics-dot-Command?

I love fiction. There's so much of it around that it makes every
day like something like else. YouknowwhatImean, Verne?

a.k.a Rev. Billy Sol Rajguptastein
a.k.a Swami Rajnuk Chittawan O'Shanneseystein Ji
and channeller for Abu Wombat Hotsie-Totsie Mojo Rubdown,
    hair dresser to his majesty Pharoah Amen Toe-tap Bojangles III,
    master of all Vending Machines (1293-1341*10E12 BC)
and follower of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, among others....
but sometimes I do try to lead... by example...
or something... heh heh heh .... .heh heh heh.... heheh....

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