Kite Beacon Test


Date: Sat Jun 22 1996 - 09:51:58 EDT

Anybody out there ?

I'm test firing my kite beacon on 10124Khz beginning now (09:45) Eastern
Daylight Time. It is not dangling from a kite but is on my test bench firing
into a 40 meter Vee shaped dipole (poor ant) and is not running full power of
250mw. It is running about 90 Mw at present. It is running from the on-board
backup battery since it's not exposed to sunlight.

If the wind is suitable, I'll take it to the beach this afternoon and send it
aloft with my big kite.

Anyone hearing it, please follow the instructions in the beacon message.

I'll leave it on for about 2 hours this morning.

It fires a 40 second message and fires about every 2 minutes.

Hope I get some feedback. 72's

Tnx de W3RDF/qrp (kite beacon from the beach)

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