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Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 13:11:46 EDT

Brian Mileshosky wrote in a message to All:

 BM> From: (Brian Mileshosky)
 BM> Subject: Re: vanity calls

 BM> At 10:29 AM 6/20/96 -0500, Charles Cashion wrote:
>My application has only been gone for 9 days.
>Really too early to expect results.

Mine was mailed 5/31/96 via the postal service in a two day pouch. Yesterday
when I finally got through to Gettysburg, there was no action on it...being
paranoid, or with the Post Office being cautious, I asked the person if they
had actually received the application.

The lady couldn't look it up, as the 'computer was down'...but urged me to call
back Thursday AM(today) after 9AM to see if the application had made it into
the offic/system.

Great Pleasent Surprize...K3HRN is mine again, after being off the air for
approx 25 years, letting my license lapse, having to bone up on the theory,
regs and listening to cw on some terrible 'el cheapo' general coverage
receiver. is with GREAT pleasure that I inform all that N3WDV is no longer
assigned to anybody (g).

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