Re: DX on 30


From: Jim Hydzik (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 23:19:40 EDT

At 09:02 AM 6/19/96 CDT, you wrote:
> Did anyone hear LZ1LZ on 30 Monday night about 10 PM central time? She
>was sending much faster than I can copy easily, but I think the ops name was
>Sofia and my map shows LZ as Bulgaria. Anyone else hear her? she was
>working a pileup.
>Mike KE4PC

Hello Mike, Yep, worked the LZ1, EU7, lots of G's and Europe in general
with the Alinco DX-70t at 5 watts and an 80 mtr dipole at 30 feet. Most
contacts have been stable and RST's around 459 (even G2QT was 559here @ 3W).
Judging from all the e-mail and usenet traffic, there is a big difference
into Eurpoe from Delaware and north versus mid 4-land and south. Take off
angle and refraction angles make it an easy haul during this point in the
sunspot cycle from here.

    If I was further south, I'd probably opt for verticals with a low take
off angle or a hanging delta loop to work Europe. From here on 20M, my loop
and dipole are not much different into western Euro, but the loop has a big
advantage into eastern Euro and Russia.....the take off angle thing again.

72, Jim K3QIO Wilmington Delaware (look at the TMPS logs. Del. is seen
fewer times than Hawaii and Alaska :)

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