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From: Lee Richey (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 14:26:46 EDT

Hi gang,

I am happy to announce that you can add another web site to your ever
growing list of amateur radio web sites if you like. Radio Adventures has a
few pages at

We have tested the site with several different browsers with mixed results.
Internet Explorer (Microsoft) and Netscape seem to work fine. AirMosaic
(Spry) does not, at least from the home page. You can bypass the home page
by going to and then AirMosaic seems to work OK. I
will be interested to know how it looks to you and if you like, please let
me know what browser you are using. You can reply to our e-mail address, or or We also
provide feedback opportunity while you are in the web pages.

We installed our own web and mail server so we have a lot of work to do yet
to get everything just the way we want it.

I plan to continue to use as an additional e-mail address since
thousands of catalogs and hundreds of thousands of magazines are in
circulation with that address listed.

Browse and enjoy.

                                 -73- -Lee-


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