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Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 14:25:33 EDT

Some more QRP field day info:

AI2Q Paul / Alex So Portland, ME

Paul (AA1MI, QRP-L 360) and Alex, AI2Q (better CW call!) will operate Class
1C/QRP from our sailboat "The Sea-Q" in South Portland, Maine. Let it pour
buckets of rain for the entire event!!! Class C (mobile) is *great* because
you aren't eligible (and thus don't have to futz around with) any bonus

Another FD tip: analyze last year's results (QST, Nov 95). For example, we've
seen that only *3* stations worked in Class 1C with QRP power, and the 5X
multiplier sure does wonders for your score. Wanna break into the top three
nationwide for sure? Operate Class 2C (only two entries last year!). Wanna be
tops for sure? It seems Class 3C is wide open for anybody with a single QSO!

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