BARK QRP Field Day


From: William K Hibbert (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 17:59:56 EDT

 The Brockport Amateur Radio Klub, operating with the Klub Kall, KB2UFY,
will be operating in the 5A/Battery class for Field Day from the WNY
section this year. We will be active on 160 - 2 Meters, with a
Novice/Tech station operating under the call N2TUK.

The operation is being organized by the Band Captains, KF2XC, John, on 80
Meters, KE2DI, Keith, on 40 Meters, KF2JC, Duane on 20 Meters, Lou,
KA2DQA, on 15 Meters and Ev, WB2ELB, on 160 and 10 Meters. Andy, N2TUK
(Who has YET to upgrade...) will honcho the Novice/Tech station.

The gear will range from Argonaut 509's, Argosy's, Scouts, Alinco
DX-70T's and Kenwood TS-690's, all running at 5 or less watts. Antlers
will range from simple Inverted Vee's to Bobtail Arrays.

Our location will be on the shores of the Black Creek, 43-deg,9-min North/77-deg,58-min West in Grid Locator FN13ad. For you County Hunters, we are operating from Genesee County, NY...

Power will be a combination of Solar and Storage batteries with the main
power from a recycled Forklift battery, consisting of (16) 10,000 A/H cells, tapped for 3 separate 12V/10,000 A/h batteries. Of course, once
Ron,N2TLX parks the truck with this Monster, he's walking the rest of
the weekend!!

We will be looking for everyone on Field Day, and we will be "Usually
Found Yakking" near the center of the band(s)...

72/73, Keith, KE2DI (at least until my Vanity Call application gets me my
Old call back)

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