ARRL Field Day, 1996/New Mexico


From: Jay Miller (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 13:08:09 EDT

Dear QRP Compadres,

  June 22 & 23, K8BI, WB5LYJ, 1 English Short Hair Pointer & myself
(WA5WHN) will be at the following Latitude & Longitude;

Lat. 36 degrees 02' 5.5 " N
Long. 106 degrees 50' 1.0 " W

altitude 9,200 feet above sea level.

  All power will be from 3 deep cycle batteries & a 36 watt solar
panel. One Icom IC-706, Yaesu FT-747 & OHR Explorer, plus VHF gear. We
will have a line of site view of Albuquerque. We will probably be
WA5WHN, 1A or 1B (undecided), NM. 2 Wire Beams (20 & 40 meters of
course) & 1- 80 meter Windom. N5ZGT had informed us that the ARRL said
if STS-78 is up & we work them, it counts as a Satellite contact.
  The location is approximately 2 miles east of San Gregorio Lake,
which is 14 miles east of Cuba, NM. The US Forest Service (Cuba Ranger
Station) was informed that we would be there & we would report any
forest fires, since we have a great view, 360 degrees. They were
delighted to have the extra eyes available & wanted to know if we had
their Fire Dispatch (24 hours) center phone number. This site is in
some pretty tough terrain. This site has 100 feet Ponderosa Pines. The
US Forest Service had asked us to stop in Cuba, NM (Yes, there is a
City in New Mexico called Cuba.) at the Ranger Station to drop off a
Map as to where we will be, in case we call in a Fire/Hazard emergency.
Who knows ? This one could be a real emergency. 4 years ago, I do
remember a Sunday morning, on Field Day, when WB5LYJ was working a few
Calif. stations on 40 meters SSB, and a Bay Area Station had asked us
to standby for emergency traffic, since they just had an earthquake.
Hmmm, never can tell.
  Let's have FUN ! But remember, what the real purpose of this event
is. Take pictures ! Oh, and don't forget to check 10 meters too.

                         de WA5WHN K

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