Re: The Threat to QRP


From: Phil Wheeler (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 01:53:39 EDT

Hey, Max .... conclude we are all masochists here!

More seriously, these notes have bouyed my spirits. Finished my NC-40A/KC-1
rig about 5 days ago. I've operated it about two hours on 40m in the past
two nights. No *real* qso's ... tho I did get a comeback from a VE7 (NOT
QRP on that end!) who I lost; not a bad haul (I'm in the L.A. area), but
still no qso yet.

I was getting discouraged (switched from dipole to G5RV, checked to make
sure TX/RX offset is OK ..Yes..., etc.).

Now, looking back thru the logs, I find the last time I had a 40 meter *qrp*
contact was as a DL7 in 1977 with an HW-8 in Bremen (recent stuff all on 20m
with 5 watt OHR-400). Max range was about 800 mi on 40m meters in
fall-winter months; max range overall was into Russia at about 2100 mi -- on
15m (15 meter dipole at about 60 ft up). Of course, from DL7 land you can
work 27 countries (I did!) with no real DX!

Soooo....maybe I'm expecting too much, too soon! Thanks for putting some
reality into my expectations!

Phil W7UOX (ex-W6TUH), member of TRW ARC, by the way.

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