Re: CW Crystals


From: Bruce C. Williams (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 01:07:52 EDT

Wes, I once ordered from CW Crystals. As I remember it took about 3 or 4
weeks to get the crystals. I do not believe the man has taken your money
and run. He is an older gentleman, and he and his wife work slowly
grinding and packaging the crystals. His prices are substantially below
Jan or other vendors, and if you can wait I am sure you will be happy with
the crystals. All of the crystals I ordered were exactly the freq
specified and all work flawlessly.

I also sent him a note, like you did, but this even further slows him down
as he now has to send replies to letters.
I am in no manner connected to this business. Just a satisfied customer.

Bruce N9JCV Norcal #359

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Wes Spence wrote:

> Help!! I sent an order to CW Crystals for more crystals for my 40 meter
> "Spider" Transceiver--they cashed my check, but never sent the xtals. I
> sent a letter about this and it went unanswered. Any help (there is no
> phone listing). I am looking for FT-243 40m xtals (especially 7023 kHZ)
> Thanks, Wes AC5K

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